What are our fans saying?

” Alisha Greenberg (Rounding Third LLC) and Todd Smith (Todd Smith Consulting) advised my foundation, Kids Play International through a 15 month re-development process. Together they have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of sport and philanthropy. They helped provide general organization guidance, extensive research, support and outreach to identify experts to assist with curriculum development, Marketing/PR, evaluation and programming. Both are budget conscious and will do their best to find the right people to fit your organization. Alisha, Todd and I all worked remotely yet communication was seamless and effective.  I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again.”
–Tracy Evans, 3x Olympian and Founder of Kids Play International


“I have had the great privilege of knowing and working with Alisha since 2012, as both representing a past recipient of the then Patterson Award and a member of the award selection committee from 2013-to present. Alisha is a consummate professional who has helped to grow the RWJF Sports Award’s reach, prestige and impact over the last decade partnership with others that have included the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It has now become something which top philanthropic professional athletes and major sports teams aspire to attain as it is among the highest levels of recognition of excellence within the world of sports philanthropy. Alisha has been an integral leader in helping to build the brand and impact of the award. She brings a high level of dedication, focus, expertise, rigor and compassion to the process to ensure that it reflects the same level of excellence that it seeks to identify in the winners of the award on an annual basis.”
–Crystal Echo Hawk, President & CEO, Echo Hawk Consulting