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Alisha Greenberg

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Alisha Greenberg is an internationally recognized expert on sports philanthropy.  She has spoken at SXSW, Engage for Good and other industry conferences and has been featured in global media outlets such as The New York Times, Sports Business Journal, Cause Talk Radio and ESPN.

As a well respected industry trailblazer, she has spent over 20 years advising and sharing her experience with organizations such as Major League Baseball, NIKE Global Community Impact, National Basketball Association, U.S. Soccer Foundation and Women’s Sports Foundation.

Since Rounding Third LLC was formed in 2009, Alisha has pioneered innovative solutions for prominent clients including Justin Verlander’s Wins for Warriors, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, 3x Olympian Tracy Evans & Kids Play International, Athletes for Hope, Positive Tracks and The Skatepark Project (founded by Tony Hawk).

Alisha currently serves as the director of the prestigious RWJF Sports Award on behalf of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health.  She works to achieve the vision of the award which annually recognizes professional sports teams, individual athletes/coaches, and community organizations inspiring healthier communities through sport.

She is co-founder and co-director of the Sports and Entertainment Impact Certificate (SEIC). SEIC offers the gold standard in trusted professional development for leaders across the sport, entertainment, and philanthropy industries.

Her earlier career included eight years at the Sports Philanthropy Project (SPP) managing all sports partnerships with teams, athletes, leagues and others, enabling her to build an extensive network within the field.

Alisha graduated from Indiana University, earning a degree in Sports Marketing and Management with a minor in Business. She holds a Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate from The Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown University.  She currently serves on the board of Doc Wayne, a nonprofit fusing sport and therapy to heal and strengthen youth mental wellness.



Alisha Greenberg is an internationally recognized expert on sports philanthropy who has spent over 20 years educating and advising social impact leaders.


Awards & Grantmaking

Alisha oversees the national award cycle for the RWJF Sports Award.  Her evaluation of hundreds of organizations that apply offers a unique perspective on the industry landscape. She annually prepares the call for applications, facilitates the selection process and committee, engages and promotes the network of winners and produces a celebration combining the ceremony with a day of learning for industry leaders. 


Alisha has also been asked to serve on grant review committees including the Sports 4 Life grant presented by espnW and the Women's Sports Foundation. She is a past Tillman Scholar DC Selection Committee member on behalf of the Pat Tillman Foundation.



Alisha is the go-to expert on sports philanthropy for many top brands. She has spoken about industry trends & innovations with NIKE Global Community Impact leaders and presented on measurement and evaluation to the National Basketball Association (NBA) team foundation leaders.  


At SXSW, she was invited to speak on a panel with Booz Allen and Samsung to discuss immersive experiences in health, particularly how sports organizations can use immersive technology to improve health outcomes. 


Alisha co-developed and led a session at Engage for Good titled "Beyond the Photo Op: Engaging sports in effective and meaningful partnerships" featuring Major League Baseball, the San Francisco Giants and Wintrust Financial.


Campaigns & Partnerships

While working with the President's Council for Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN), Alisha was instrumental in leading initial collaborative efforts between league offices, PCFSN and the Let's Move campaign (led by First Lady Michelle Obama).  Multiple high profile public events for the White House resulted from her connections.

Working with Athletes for Hope (AFH), Alisha served as a content expert as the organization developed tools, resources and support for individual athletes, leagues, teams and sports organizations. She leveraged her extensive network to connect AFH with new partners. 

During her time at the Sports Philanthropy Project, she directed sports outreach efforts for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation social marketing campaign.  Alisha led a partnership with Major League Soccer that reached over 1.2 million fans about the availability of health care coverage for kids.

Athlete Foundations

Alisha has had the privilege of working with individual athletes in a variety of settings.  Consulting with 3x Olympian, Tracy Evans, and Kids Play International, she  identified key areas for growth which included developing new mission/vision statements, examining program curriculum design and identifying potential revenue sources.   


As founding executive director for Wins for Warriors, founded by MLB All Star Justin Verlander, Alisha led the creation and launch of the program.  Establishing a new athlete organization included conducting a needs assessment, creating grant guidelines,  directing fundraising events, securing national media attention, and cultivating relationships with key funders and stakeholders including the White House. 


Third Party Evaluation

In partnership with Dr. Kathy Babiak (University of Michigan) , Alisha has served as an external evaluator for organizations using sport for social impact. 


Alisha and Kathy completed an evaluation report for The Skatepark Project (founded by Tony Hawk) to measure the impact of their grantmaking and technical assistance.


View the final report for past client, Positive Tracks.


"Working with Kathy and Alisha on the evaluation process guided internal and external growth and success.  It is in part because of their findings that we were selected a winner of the Beyond Sport Global Award for Best Partnership or Collaboration in Sport For Good."  

--Mary Margaret Sloan, COO of Positive Tracks



Rounding Third founder Alisha Greenberg is the visionary behind the creation of the Sports and Entertainment Impact Collective (SEIC), formerly the Sports Impact Leadership Certificate.

Serving as co-founder and co-director of the Sports and Entertainment Impact Certificate alongside Meredith Wolff, they have reimagined executive education for leaders in sports, entertainment and philanthropy.


SEIC is setting the standard for sports and entertainment impact leaders to gain trusted, credible training resulting in connection, knowledge and growth.